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Giving Tree News

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Hello Everyone,
I was surprised how many people went away for the long weekend! Welcome back. We had a nice Mass and we are getting closer and closer to Christmas.
Over the years, OLM has been instrumental in helping young children who come from broken homes. Some of their parents are addicts and some of them are in terrible economic traditions. The Giving Tree project makes sure that they have at least one new gift to open for Christmas/Three Kings.
Two schools take many of the tags (Hastings and Aquinas take around 250 tags in total). The rest OLM parishioners take. As always, you make a wonderful effort but with half the parish missing yesterday we missed our mark. So, I am reprinting a status report from Diane and Bruno:
Thank you all for your very kind generosity in making this Christmas very special for the children in our community.  We only have 15 names left, 6 boys and 9 girls.  If you have not had the opportunity to collect names from the tree please let us know through email at  that you are interested in selecting any one (or more) of the names.  We suggest a gift in the value of 20€.  Next Sunday will be the last day where you can drop off your wrapped present.  Here are the details for the remaining children:
Age 8.  2 remaining
Age 9.  3 remaining
Age 10  1 remaining

Age 9.    3 remaining
Age 11.   1 remaining
Age 12.  4 remaining

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts

The tree is in my secretary’s office (Esmeralda) at the church. Diane and Bruno can inform you how you can pick up a tag. Thanks for thinking of others as we get closer to celebrating the greatest person of all, He who thought of ALL OF US!
FR. Ron

My friend Carla sent me this, at first I didn’t get it but now I do. Hint: Think Christmas
How many syllables does the word ‘Gloria’ have?