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Priest Availability

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Dear Bride & Groom,

Here at Our Lady of Mercy, we are always joyful when two people have decided to celebrate the Sacrament of Matrimony and promise their lives and love to each other.

Lately, we have been receiving many requests for a priest who can celebrate a wedding in English or both in English and Spanish.

Fr. Ron is an American priest who has been living in Spain for 25 years. He is also in charge of two parishes, Our Lady of Mercy (the English-speaking parish of Madrid) and San Damaso (a local large Spanish parish).

While he is open and has celebrated many “dream weddings” at his own parish, he is unable to travel or perform marriages in other churches. We have informed the Archdiocese of Madrid of this fact, but they continue to refer you to us. Sadly, Fr. Ron is already doing the work of two priests and therefore is unable to help in other parishes.

We also do not know of any other priests that we can refer to you. Some that used to help now refuse to do so now because there seems to be a misunderstanding that they should not receive a fair compensation.

So, please know that Our Lady of Mercy will be happy to help you celebrate your marriage in our parish but we are unable to make arrangements for a priest to preside in another parish.

Please pray for vocations and maybe consider inviting you own priest to come travel along with you.

God bless you and we wish you many happy years together!